Crossing Void Global: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, or simply Crossing Void Global as it’s known around the world, is a new mobile anime RPG for the iOS and Android platform by Sega and 91Acts, featuring characters from multiple animes all together in a completely unique story. You can make your way through various game modes such as story and challenge, you can collect characters from a huge variety of animes, and more.

As you make your way through the game you can unlock guild battles, various new events, and find new ways to upgrade your characters. You can fight, train, evolve, follow stories that invoke famous animes and MMORPG’s that the characters were drawn from, originally.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Crossing Void Global (also known as Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void)!

Battling is one of the more unique elements of the game here, with mechanics revolving around the use of various skills, skill points, and climax (yellow) points. You get three skill points per turn. You can either use the 0-point skill, or spend points on one of the low-point skills. For every skill point you spend, you then gain one climax point.

When you get enough clima points, you can then spend the climax points on the center skill in the skill set. This unleashes a massively powerful attack, doing huge damage to one or more enemies.

There is an auto-battling option, which is good for about 99% of the battles that you take on in the Story. Just set it and forget it. For tougher battles, you’ll want to make battle manually so that you can strategize, organize your moves, and defeat tougher opponents before they beat you.

There are a number of ways to enhance each member of your team, with one of the most effective and useful being to Star Up. You’ll need to spend Resolute Will and Bold Determination gems, among other things, to star up one of your team members, which will increase all of the stats for this character.

Once you do that, you can start upgrading their skills in order to make each of your moves much more effective. Both standard skills and climax skills can, and should, be upgraded.

Assorted other boosts also show up in the game. You can equip a character with various gear and outfits, but you have to earn said gear, first. You can awaken them in order to add a brand-new skill. This requires various awakening items, both exclusive and common ones.

Cross Skills are a skill that’s shared between both of your party members in one single pairing; no matter which one goes to the front of the pair, they can use the skill; but the skill changes depending on who the fighter is paired with.

Use the Cross Skills screen as a guide for who to pair your character with. Remember the pairing with your favorite skill, then match the two characters in one slot in the character select screen.

Talent points are something that’s set depending on a character’s rarity. C equals five points, B equals 10 points, A equals 15 points, and S (the rarest) equals 20 points. This gives a big advance to the rarer characters even before the evel-ups start.

Hit the Journal area to get to know one of the characters better, and to give them gifts in order to build up your affinity level with them, for bonuses. Or, you can hit Cover to change the cover photo on the card.

Coins and Maigo are the two currencies of the game – with coins being the primary one and the Maigo being the premium one, or the one that costs more during In-App Purchases. You can still get a good amount of free Maigo, through.

All that you have to do to get more Maigo is load up on the missions, the side quests, play in a lot of events, and collect your daily login rewards as often as possible. Maigo can buy you more pulls at the Gacha, as well as a number of other bonuses.

Hit the Gacha area to spend either Gacha tickets or real-life money on the Gacha, but one good thing about IAPs at the Gacha is that you can spin and refresh for free as often as you want in order to make sure you get the exact reward that you want. Just keep re-spinning until you’re happy with your card haul.

Aside from the rather-expensive Gacha, you can also collect character fragments, and when you get enough of them, you’ll be able to unlock a new character outside of the Gacha. Of course, you can also unlock plenty of characters in the Story mode, just for playing.

Unless you really care about the story, skip the story mode as often as you can and put every battle and training session into 2x mode. The faster you get through story mode, the quicker you’ll be able to unlock everything in the game and find out what stuff does.

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