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Crossy Road: How to get the secret mystery characters, page 2

In addition to all of these, there are a number of new Australian characters that have been added. The prerequisite for these other four mystery characters is now that you have at least one of the Australian characters unlocked. Use the Australian character in order to get one of these hidden characters.

The third secret character, and the easiest one to get in the whole game, is Drop Bear. You have to be playing as one of the Australian animals in order to get this one though. At some random point you will come across a blueberry colored bear sitting in a tree.

Jump toward the tree, and once you jump next to it, the Drop Bear will jump out and kill you. Afterwards, you will find it in the character select screen area. It will never appear again in the trees after you do that.

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The crab is secret character number four. There is one way to get the crab, and that is to to first, pick any one of the Australian characters. Then play and when you are on top of the sand area, scoot from side to side as fast as you can. Keep doing this at every sand area that you make it to.

This won’t always get you the crab, there’s still a fairly random chance when you get it right. If you are having trouble earning the crab this way, try to pass your high score while doing this, scoot side to side at higher speed, or pick a different Australian character. Some of them work, while some others of them don’t work.

The fifth other secret character is Ben Weatherall. To unlock him, all that you have to do is to get a “great score” with the Dark Lord. Ben Weatherall is one of the developers of this game, and the reason that you have to get a great score with that specific character is that that’s Ben Weatherall’s favorite character.

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