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Crossy Road: How to get the secret mystery characters, page 4

An update to Crossy Road has introduced a whole bunch of Chinese New Year characters. One of these is the fortune chicken. When you are playing as the fortune chicken, you’ll see all of these little red leaflets that you can pick up as you go. Also, when you see a firework on the ground, go near it and it will go flying in the air. The firework thing is true with all of the Chinese characters in the game, generally.

Cai Shen, the Chinese god of fortune, is the eighth secret hidden mystery character in Crossy Road. In order to get Cai Shen, you first need to have the fortune chicken unlocked. Play as the Fortune Chicken and start collecting the little red fortune leaflets any time that you see them. You won’t find them that frequently but when you do, collect them. Eventually, once you earn enough of them you will get Cai Shen at the end of the round.

So how many do you need of these red fortune leaflets? 22 in total. This does not need to happen all at once, though; you can collect them cumulatively over the course of several games, just as long as you work up to 22 of them eventually. After you get that final number 22, Cai Shen will finally be unlocked. There is no counter to tell you how many you have already collected, though. You’ll have to either keep count for yourself, or just keep playing until you finally unlock Cai Shen.

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Cai Shen, like the other Chinese New Year characters, will cause things such as dragon gates and fireworks to appear all around the landscape when you use him; however, no other fancy additions will appear, like the red leaflets – not that those would be of any use anyways, since they were used to unlock Cai Shen in the first place.

Cai Shen is, so far, the only hidden Chinese character in the game, but the crew behind Crossy Road has a propensity for adding other hidden characters, and considering that they do it once a year, and typically for holidays, you can expect more. Maybe next year at Chinese New Year, more Chinese hidden characters will be added.

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