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Crossy Road: How to unlock every character, page 2

As promised, and again, spoiler alert, here is how to unlock hidden mystery characters. The first mystery character is the Hipster Whale, the game mascot himself. You have to look for him in the streams when you’re playing. Rarely, and I mean VERY rarely, will you see the Hipster Whale swimming around, but when you do see it, jump on it instead of on a log or a lilly pad. When you finish the stage, the Hipster Whale will be available.

The other character (SPOILER ALERT AGAIN) that you can unlock is a walking Christmas present named Gifty. First, you need to unlock the Festive Chicken, which is essentially a Chicken with a Santa Hat. Then, play and you’ll come across a Christmas Tree here and there, which looks like a normal pine tree with a star on top. Jump on it and you will unlock the Christmas Present when the stage is done.

There are a ton of character easter eggs. For example, when you play as Doge, the game will turn into an internet meme in motion, with comic sans Doge quotes popping up all over the place. When you play as Frankenstein, the game will go black and white like the old movie, with random lightning strikes all over the place.

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When you play as the Festive Chicken or as the Penguin, the whole landscape will turn snowy, and the rocks will turn into snowmen. Plus, pine trees will join the standard trees on the stage. When you play as the Gravedigger, you will be able to see barely anything except a small circle around your character, and it will be night time.

When you play as the Wolf, the stage will go dark as night, but there will be a dim light all over the screen. Coins will be shiny. When you play as the Poopy Pigeon, it will (take a guess at this one) poop all over the place. When you play as the Unihorse, a big rainbow will follow it over the last three or so jumps that it’s made.

When you play as the Mad Wizard, it will randomly shoot lightning at trees, turning them into burning twigs. When you play as the baseball star, he will randomly hit home runs to random areas of the stage. When you play as the basketball player, he will bounce his ball as he goes. When you play as the Vampire he will randomly turn into a bat.

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