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Crossy Road: How to unlock every character, page 5

The most recent update to the game has seen a number of Chinese New Year characters added to the game. Generally, all of these characters have similar landscape – altering attributes. Namely, dragon gates will appear as will Chinese fireworks. If you get too close to any particular Chinese firework, you will set them off.

One of the Chinese characters to up here is Fortune Chicken. If you play as Fortune Check in, the landscape effects will be similar to the other Chinese characters, except you will also see red leaflets around. You can pick up and collect these read leaflet, and while they won’t seem like they are doing anything at first, they are actually helping you get the next secret character, Cai Shen.

Fortune Chicken can be unlocked the same way as he would unlock any other non-the secret character; get 100 coins and use the Gacha/Gumball machine. If you are lucky you will end up with the Fortune Chicken; however, there is no higher chance of earning him then there is of any other nonsecret character.

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Cai Shen is the Chinese God of fortune. In order to unlock him, you have to pick up exactly 22 of these little red tabs that you see floating around the stage. You have to be playing as Fortune Chicken in order to do this. You don’t have to pick them up all in one shot; you can pick them up over time and eventually you will unlock Cai Shen.

Cai Shen has similar affects to the rest of the Chinese characters except for Fortune Chicken; namely, Dragon gate will appear as will Chinese fireworks, but the red tabs will not appear. Cai Shen is the eighth the secret character in Crossy Road.

A little quick note on unlocking the crab as detailed on page 4 of this guide. Many of our readers have been reporting that they have unlocked the crab not just by using an Australian character, but by using any character that turns the grass into sand when you activate them. This includes night time characters, such as the Dark Lord. The method still remains the same, though; swipe side to side really fast as many times as you can in one stage.

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