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Crossy Road: How to unlock the Piggy Bank, and FAQ about the Piggy Bank

Crossy Road has a ton of characters that you can unlock. One of them is the Piggy Bank, the most premium character in the game and one of the three characters that can’t be had from the prize machine. So how do you unlock the piggy bank, and more importantly, what does the Piggy Bank actually do when you unlock it? And can you get the Piggy Bank for free? Read on for some tips and answers on the Piggy Bank in Crossy Road

First of all, you can unlock the Piggy Bank by going to the character select screen, scrolling all the way to the right, and then clicking on it. You’ll see all of the information that you need to know when you hit the I button, such as that you will get more coins when you have the Piggy Bank. But how do you actually earn those coins and is it worth it to buy the Piggy?

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Right from the beginning, you will earn a huge bonus when you get the Piggy. You’ll get 1,000 free coins when you unlock it. Using all of these coins you can play the prize machine ten times, so that makes for far more than you bargained for when it comes to the Piggy. That’s ten dollars worth of new characters right there, except in the case of duplicate characters.

Next, you’ll see red coins appear on the level. These red coins are worth five coins apiece, so now playing a round is actually lucrative, as compared to before when coins would come in drips or trickles, except for when you play as Forget Me Not and the flowers are worth coins. Still, though, this is far more lucrative.

Finally, when you watch a video, it will be worth double the amount of coins that it was worth before, meaning 40-60 coins instead of 20-30. In addition, the free gifts will be worth 200-240 coins instead of what they were worth before, 100-120 coins. So buy the Piggy Bank if you want to unlock every other character far more quickly.

Finally, these bonuses are permanent, unless you delete the game. This means that no matter which character you play as, you will find the bonus red coins around even when you are not using the Piggy Bank as your character, and you will continue to have those more lucrative advertisements. And there is no way to get the Piggy Bank for free, except for hacking the game.