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Crossy Road Secret Characters: How to get the Pro Gamer and Psy

Crossy Road has an ever-growing wealth of secret characters nestled in, and the latest update (the Korean update) is no different. Now you have a new hidden character in the game, plus an all-new premium character. The Pro Gamer and Psy, just like the other Korean characters, are creative tributes to the culture of South Korea, but it’s tough to earn them unless you know exactly what you’re doing and how to unlock them. Read on for some tips on getting Psy and the Pro Gamer!

Unlocking the Pro Gamer is difficult but fairly simple. All that you have to do is first, get one of the other Korean characters (besides Psy). Then select them and play with them. Now once you do that, you have to get a “great score” while moving as quickly as you can. The faster you move, the better your chances will be of unlocking the Pro Gamer.

What counts as a “great score” differs depending on how high your top score ever is. So if you want to make this as easy as possible, then you should have a low top score. If you have a high score and not much to lose, then you can always

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Psy, unlike the Pro Gamer, is a premium character who, like the Piggy Bank, can be purchased using real-life money. You can only buy him for a limited time, but once you do, he will be unlocked forever. Purchase Psy, and you will get 1,000 free coins as a bonus. There’s no coin multiplier to go with him unlike with Piggy Bank.

Purchasing Psy, however, unlocks the new dancing game mode. Think of this as a cross between Crossy Road and Dance Dance Revolution. You have to swipe in the correct direction as indicated by the dance path that Psy is on. You still have to avoid cars, too. Listen to the music for an indication of when to tap, as well.

If you lose Psy because the game accidentally gets deleted, then you can tap “restore purchases” in order to get him back. If you want to transfer him to another device, then log in with Facebook and whenever you do the same thing on a second device, you will get your old game back, Psy included.

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