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Crossy Road Secret Characters: How to unlock Rugby Player, Michael Boom and Jughead

Crossy Road has updated again, and like with any good update to this game, more secret characters have been added! There are three more for this small update, and they are Michael Boom, Jughead, and the Rugby Player. Read on for a guide on how to get all three of them!

Michael Boom is the easy one to get. This is an obvious parody of Michael Bay. All that you have to do in order to unlock Michael Boom is first, pick any character. Then, scan the streets for a rocket truck. It looks like a green big rig/lorry with a massive rocket on the back of it. Then, run into it and it will blow up majestically. Now when you play as Michael Boom you will see random explosions and airplanes everywhere.

Jughead is the second character from the Archie comics to make it into the game. The first, Archie, is unlockable the normal way. First, unlock Archie, then play as him. Once you do this, you’ll see cookies start to appear around the screen. Collect cookies, and then eventually, after you collect enough of them, you’ll unlock Jughead. It’s currently unknown exactly how many cookies you need.

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Finally, to unlock the Rugby Player, first, unlock the Squirrel. Then play and start looking around for a tree with a small white block in it (supposed to be a Rugby ball). Approach the tree and the ball will be knocked off of it. Then you will unlock the Rugby Player after you die on the stage.

There are various theories as to what exactly you have to do to make the ball appear. For example, some say you have to collect four Acorns first, but videos have disproven this. Some say you have to play twice and get scores within 10 of each other each time. However, it’s most likely completely random for the ball to appear, so just play over and over and it will show up eventually.

Stay on the lookout for more secret characters, because as of this writing a huge update has been announced for the Android version of this game, and that will surely make its way over to the iOS version as well. For now, enjoy these new ones.

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