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Any character that cannot be won in the prize box (but can only be purchased with real life money) will typically come with a bonus. Right now, the only character that cannot be won in the prize box is the Piggy Bank, and when you play as the Piggy Bank you get an automatic coin multiplier with any coin that you find in the stage (not coins that you earn from videos or free gifts).

Also sometimes you will find some completely free characters for “sale” in the character select screen. Start scrolling through characters that you don’t have already (they will be grayed out) and look for any with the price set to “$0.00” rather than “$0.99” and if you put in your iTunes password, you will “buy” them for free.

Make sure to set push notifications on for the free coin bonuses, in order to get popups on your phone letting you know when the next one is ready. The next bonus timer doesn’t start counting down until you collect the current available bonus, and without push notifications it is easy to let a bonus linger without bothering to collect it.

Go to the Game Center app to see who the global top score leaders for Crossy Road are, so that you know what the bar is set to if you want to be one of the best in the world. Judging by the current top scores there is either no way to hack the game, or the developers at Hipster Whale are very quick to boot hacked scores out of the app store so that they don’t screw up the leaderboard list, because all of the current top scores are realistic.

However, if you want to try your hand at hacking the game on iOS, without a jailbreak, you’ll need to download it to your iTunes on your PC or Mac, then delete it off of your phone. Pick up a hex editor program for your computer and try to find the high score area and edit it. Or look for a piece of code that controls the speed of the cars and mess with that, too.

The forget-me-not is one of the characters that you can unlock. It looks like a white cube with a set of eyes, but when you use it, flowers will start popping up here and there around the stage when you play. Every time that you collect a flower, you will earn one coin. Overall the flowers appear for more frequently than coins do you still use the forget-me-not if you want to earn a whole lot of coins without watching videos.

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