Crossy Road: Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

15) Use the Forget Me Not to earn a ton more coins without having to pay anything.
The trick is that when you use the Forget Me Not, flowers pop up around the stage that you can collect, and each of the flowers is worth one coin. The flowers pop up even more frequently than the normal coins do, so pick both of them up and load up on the coins at high speed.

14) Many of the characters have their own special easter eggs that go along with them.
Each of the characters that pop up in the “Try one out” popups have their own weird easter eggs. Some of them, such as the Mad Wizard, shoot lightning that destroys trees. Others play at night. Still others, such as Doge, just have something completely weird, such as Doge’s Comic Sans quotes that pop up.

13) Play with a night time character to spot coins more easily.
Night time characters include the Dark Lord, the Zombie, and the Wolf as well as others. The coins will still shine at the same brightness as they did originally, making them WAY easier to spot, but everything else will be darker, so if you are trying to earn as much as you can in a short period of time, use the night characters.

12) Another sweet little bonus for when you purchase the Piggy Bank
One little perk of purchasing the Piggy Bank is that you will earn a thousand coins, immediately. That’s all. Now you can take ten turns at the prize machine for a thousand coins, meaning that you just purchased a potential ten bonus characters in addition to the Piggy Bank and its future coin earning abilities.

11) Figure out which character works best for you.
Every character performs about the same, logically, but everybody finds that a specific character works better for them, whether it’s due to some characters lagging more than others, or graphical preferences, or simply character preferences. Figure out which one works the best for you and then use that one. Or use random characters by hitting the “random” button on the character select screen.

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