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Crowd City: UPDATED Skins Unlock Guide – List of all skins and how to use/unlock them

Crowd City is one of Voodoo’s latest hits, with a spin on the formula where you have to build the biggest crowd that you can, score high, and take out other players in the process.

Like some of the large hits before it, it has spawned a legion of clones such as, all focused on similar gameplay, and knowing the history of Voodoo, we can expect some spinoffs sometime in the future, as well.

You can unlock a load of skins in this game by completing various actions. These skins will change the appearance of your crowd. First off are the skins that merely change the color palette; these ones are completely free, with nothing required in your part in order to earn them.

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Following that are the premium and secret skins, which, when you unlock them, give a new costume and an entirely new look to everyone in your crowd. This allows for a greater degree of customization, and lets you differentiate yourself from the other crowds in the game.

Read on for some tips on unlocking every skin in Crowd City!

How to unlock every skin in Crowd City


  • Your favorite smartphone or tablet


Every one of the skins below has to be unlocked in Classic Mode, unless otherwise noted.

For each skin that requires a multi-day login streak, logins only count if you play and complete at least one Classic Mode game. Quitting mid-game causes it not to count.

Blue Jacket Boy: Convert 100 characters in one single game. To convert characters to your crowd, “run over” another player while you have a bigger crowd than they do and you’ll steal parts of their crowd.

Hipster: Like above, except 300 characters instead of 100 characters. Doesn’t matter if they are independent to begin with or if you steal them from another player.

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Polka Dot Shirt Girl: Convert 500 characters in a single game. This is fully half of the people who are on the map at any given time.

Moana Costume: Convert 750 characters in a single game. This one is extremely tough to pull off. That’s 3/4 of the people who are on the map.

Red Striped Shirt Boy: Convert 900 characters in a single game. Obviously this is the toughest as you might have a hard time finding big enough player crowds or big enough independent crowds.

Witch: Convert 1000 characters in a single game (every single character on the stage). If you can pull this one off, you might actually be a witch. Or a hacker.

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Mimic (Treasure Chest Monster): Play one time to unlock this. You have to start and finish a game. You can’t start a game and then quit or it won’t work.

Spider: Play the game for three days in a row without breaking the streak. Each play has to be starting and then finishing an entire game. You can’t quit in the middle of a game or it still won’t work.

NOTE: If this skin won’t unlock, that’s because every day of the streak, you have to play at least one game in classic mode. Playing the game in solo mode, for some reason, won’t give you the skin.

Lava Golem: Play for seven days in a row without breaking the daily streak. The same rule applies as with the above two. You have to play at least one round of classic mode – you can’t do solo mode and expect to get the skin, because it won’t work.

Deer: Reach rank silver, which is experience level 4.

Zebra: Reach rank gold, which is experience level 7.

Giraffe: Reach rank diamond, which is experience level 10.

Elephant: Reach rank platinum, which is experience level 13.

Police officer: Catch all of the thieves. They will look like a crowd of black and white striped dudes in thief costumes, like old-school burglar costumes.

Bearded Elf: Steal 100 people from another player in a single game. It can be from one player or it can be from multiple players. It doesn’t really matter.

Blonde Girl Elf: Steal 200 people from another player in one game. Same rule as above. Make sure to get to first place quickly and then track down as many other players as you can.

Black Hair Elf: Steal 300 people from another player in one game. Make sure to get first place VERY early to give yourself the advantage here.

Nerdy Elf: Steal 400 people from another player in a single game. This one tends to be extremely tough to pull off. Good luck.

Link costume: Collect 500 total animals (not in a single game, but cumulatively). Animals appear in completely random places throughout the level. Just watch out for them.

Brown beanie girl: Collect 1,000 animals (same as above) again, the animals appear totally randomly. You’ll have to play for quite awhile to get this one done.

Viking: Collect 2,500 animals (same as above). Again, extremely hard to pull off. But definitely worth it as it makes you one of the elites of the game.

Snake: Kill two players in the same game. That means take an entire player’s crowd, and then run over the other player.

Alligator: Kill four players in the same game. Hunt down the last place people with small crowds, or at least people who are not on the leaderboard, to make this easier.

Wolf: Kill off six other players in the same game. This one is very tough to do.

Dinosaur: Kill off eight players in one game. This one is almost impossible but it is doable and makes you one of the great players of the game.

Thief: Survive ten seconds with only one character (nobody following you)

Ninja: Survive thirty seconds with only one character (nobody following you)

Skeleton: Finish the game with only one character without getting killed.

Penguin: Finish in first place without killing another player (but you can still steal their followers)

Zombie: Convert 100,000 total characters over the course of playing the game. Obviously this does not all have to happen over the course of one single game.

All of the characters have the same speed. No one character is faster than any other character; the differences between one character and the other are purely cosmetic in nature.


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Sunday 3rd of May 2020

i can get the skins that you need to have executive day. what does that mean? i cant un lock the lava golem, the spider, or the spider chest. its soo anoying


Sunday 22nd of December 2019

I have finished many games with only one character and still have not unlocked the skeleton. Is there more to it than finishing a level with only one character?


Sunday 13th of October 2019


Lee Veinot

Thursday 25th of April 2019

Bit that's not all of the skins. What about the treasure chest, robot, and a couple others? Those are the ones that I need and you don't show how to get them.

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