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Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate – Reroll Cheat: Guide To Rerolling For the Best Top-Tier Characters and Gear

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is the latest and most unique game from Machine Zone, who created Game of War: Fire Age and numerous other games with weird tower-defense mini-games that are used as ads. This game combines Gacha RPG and MMORTS gameplay perfectly, essentially creating a new genre.

Like any good Gacha RPG, you get tons of free heroes of all tiers, including Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold), with a fairly disproportionate amount of your rares, epics, and legendaries coming in the tutorial and beginning in general.

Even with all of that, though, you still might not always get your ideal selection. You can reroll for higher-tier, better heroes and more Legendaries, though, and you can do it fairly easily, too.

Additionally, depending on your level of patience, you can reroll for better gear AND better characters, so that you can go into battle with as big of a boost as possible.

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The first thing that you have to do is make it all the way through the tutorial. Not only is it a fairly quick tutorial as far as these games go, but when you get to the summoning portion of the tutorial, you’ll get loaded up with epic and legendary heroes.

This is awesome, BUT you might not get the highest tier heroes every time. Often, you’ll also end up with duplicates, which CAN be used in battle together, but using them together is a bit pointless unless they are specifically a great all-around fighter.

To reroll properly, you need to be on a guest account. Don’t link your account with anything – Google Play, Game Center, Facebook, or anything else. If it’s too late, then disable Game Center in the options menu or use a secondary Facebook account after you get the roll that you want.

Delete the app, then download it again. If you’re on a guest account for a second time, then you’ll start brand new and fresh, and you’ll complete the tutorial again.

You can wait until that roll is done if all that you care about is top-tier heroes. Keep the account and link it if you like what you get, or delete and install the app yet again to reroll.

If you want to reroll gear, do all of the above, plus keep playing after the tutorial, claim your beginner rewards, and then use your gear shipments/keys and open all of the rare stuff that you can. You don’t get any during the tutorial, though.

Plus, in the process of this, you’ll have some more hero summons to do. Scroll around and do all possible summons, and do event summons whenever possible for the most limited edition characters. These all happen shortly after the tutorial.

So reroll after these short post-tutorial summons if you want to. That’s how you reroll for gear and heroes, rather than just heroes.


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Black Wolfe

Thursday 20th of February 2020

What are the best heroes? I can’t find a tier list or ranking anywhere.