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CSR Racing 2: How to get free gold and cash

CSR Racing 2 is easily the prettiest drag-racing game for the iOS and Android platforms and, due to the raft of new features and customization options, it’s now one of the most involved as well. There are two forms of currency in this game. Cash is the common currency, while gold is the one that tends to be more rare. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get free gold and more cash!

Hit the in-app purchase store menu and the Free Gold button will be front and center in the middle of the gold menu. Tap it and you will get sent to a TapJoy offer wall. Complete any of the offers listed inside and you will earn gold as a reward. Some of the offers are not free, but most of them are completely free.

play CSR Racing 2 on your desktop or laptop on Mac or PC and link it up to your mobile account using a social media anchor such as Facebook. This will enable you to continue playing with or without your phone. Or, if you can somehow play the game on both platforms at the same time, you can earn gold and cash quicker.

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Race in the crew championship. This is the best way to get the largest quantity of gold. First, of course, you need to be a part of a crew. Then go to the crew hangout and the crew championship. If the championship round finishes in the top million, you will win free gold – the more rank, the higher the amount of gold. At specific ranks you will also earn free cash.

Every time you win a race, you gain respect points, and every time that you fill the respect point bar, you will gain a level. Gain one, and you will earn a bunch of gold as a reward in exchange. It’s not much but it adds up over time, so save it up in order to get enough for some goodies.

The most obvious way to earn cash is to win races; beyond that, though, you can sell parts that you don’t need. You’re going to win plenty of weird parts in the service trial area, especially for cars that you don’t have, so go to the inventory, go to the Fusion Parts or Stage 6 Upgrades, and you will be able to sell them for cash.

Always check the goal area and see what new goals you can complete. Most of them pay in cash, and some of them pay in keys; however, there are also some, however rare, that pay in gold. So complete the ones that pay in gold as soon as you see them, and complete the other ones to speed along the process of getting the gold goals to appear.