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CSR Racing for iPhone: Get free gold and get more cash

CSR Racing is the top street racing game on the iPhone, developed by Boss Alien Ltd and featuring real cars such as the Mini Cooper S, Audi A1 S-line, all the way to the Mustang Cobra Jet and the Nissan GT-R! Gold is the premium currency of the game, and there are many times when you absolutely need gold in this game to get further. Cash is the main currency, and when you decide not to spend your gold, cash is the way to go to move ahead and beat tougher racers. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

There are a few ways to get some free gold in this game. One of them is to sign into Facebook at the main menu of the game. When you do this, you will earn one free gold. If you don’t want anything going out to your friends when you play this game, simply set the app so that only you can see the app activity.

Another way to get free gold is to beat the final tier boss race at each of the five tiers. Each time you do, you will get a good chunk of free gold. Don’t lose that gold when they come back to challenge you again, though. Also, when you gain experience levels, you will gain one gold as well. In addition, wait for a pop up to appear that offers to give you three free gold to rate the game on the app store. When it does, take the offer, and you will get that free gold.

To get more cash, race more, but if you are losing races against a particular competitor and you need upgrades before you can beat them, simply ignore them and race in the same regulation race over and over until you rack up enough money for upgrades or even for a better car.

Also, adding a decal to your car, which costs gold but not that much gold, will earn you extra cash for every single race that you race while having a decal equipped.


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