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Cut the Rope: Time Travel – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the latest in the ever popular mobile game series by Zeptolabs. Your goal here, as it is in the previous games, is to cut the rope and get the food to your creatures, and also to collect stars in the process, but this time you travel through various historical periods such as the Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cut the Rope: Time Travel!

You will always have one piece of candy per monster on the screen, and you have to feed each one of them in order to beat the level. You can’t feed multiple pieces of candy to the same monster, and you can’t feed one monster, and then drop the other piece of candy past the other monster.

In addition, each level has three stars that you can earn, which can be done by knocking your candy through the stars. Stars are required in order to unlock the next world, so if you need more stars, start back at an older level, the oldest one in which you don’t have three stars, and then progress forward as you three-star more levels.

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There are two types of power-ups that you can use in order to pass a level with all three stars easily. The little yellow guy is a hint. Tap on him to use a single hint for a level, which will automatically walk you through the steps to earn all three stars.

The lightning bolt power up is telekinesis. Using it will allow you to tap anywhere on the screen to control the candy. You get more of these than you get hints, because they are more difficult to use, but use them right and they can be just as effective as the hints.

You can unlock the Parallel Universe for a small fee for completely new and different levels. The Future and Let It Snow are also unlockable via in-app purchases. Any of the other worlds can be unlocked at any time as well for a fee, but you can unlock them for free by earning enough stars.