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Danger Dodgers – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Danger Dodgers is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms by Uppercut Games. Your goal here is to run around and avoid all of the falling boulders – the more of them that you can avoid, the higher your score will be. Your characters are notoriously difficult to control as they run around in a panic, trying to avoid the increasingly heavy bombardment. You can earn coins and build an entire collection of new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Danger Dodgers!

Move as little as possible – if there is not a boulder above you, don’t move. When you do move, don’t just set your character’s destination and then forget it. They’ll run right past the X that you set when you tap, so be sure to keep them under control so that they don’t just keep running into the path of a boulder.

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Free coins are fairly easy to get in this game. Prizes will appear based on time, giving you 25 coins for each prize that you claim. You’ll also have free coin offers at the end of each round, where if you watch a video, you will be rewarded 20 coins for it. Coins can also be picked up within the levels themselves.

When you earn 100 coins, you will be able to win a new character. Each character plays the same, but they change the appearance of the level itself to something that fits with the theme of the character. For example, Salary Man plays outside of an office.

Watch out for the exploding boulders, which are red and which will end your run even if you manage to avoid them when they fall. Stay away from them so that when they explode, you’re out of harms way. Also, watch out for the green boulders, as they leave behind slime that will get you stuck if you run into it.

Collect the red stars whenever you see them in a level. You can finish your star collection over a span of multiple runs, not just all in one run. When you finish your star collection, you will earn a free prize box with a total of 25 coins, putting you that much closer to unlocking another new character.