Dark Domain: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Dark Domain is a new MMORPG by EYOUGAME for the iOS and Android, one of many smash-hits by this particular developer. This game has become known for its amazing graphics, and like the typical mobile RPG, there are a ton of things to do in the game, from main quests and side quests to a seemingly endless amount of customization. Of course, there’s also the cooperative and competitive gameplay with and against other players.

You can pick from one of four classes of characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and then team up with other players for quests and boss battles, with each of you playing a specific role in order to take out the monsters.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Dark Domain!

First off, of course, is to pick your class of character. The warrior is your tank class, so if you pick the warrior, you’ll be out at the front of the party, absorbing damage. You can still deal damage of your own, but the ones behind you will deal the real damage.

Next is the mage, which is the magic user of the game. Mages have decent defense, high attack power, and high splash damage and crowd control characteristics, allowing them to make short work of large groups of enemies, and even to be on the front lines at high enough levels.

Assassins have lower defense, but extremely high attack power, and specialize at hit-and-run tactics. Assassins are some of the most effective that you can get as far as dealing with boss battles, because they deal so much damage that when well protected, they can make short work of bosses.

Finally, the rangers are another ranged class, just like mages, but they have less defense, and are more effective at targeting single enemies, although they also have splash damage capabilities. Rangers also specialize in traps that slow down, impede, and damage enemy progress.

As with most MMOs, you have your main quests and your side quests in this game. Your main quests are your first priority, but later on in the game, they will become tougher to accomplish, forcing you to have to complete side quests in order to level up, earn new equipment and other goodies, and upgrade. Tap one one of the quests and you’ll auto-populate to the quest, but you can walk manually if you so choose, too.

It’s easy to get distracted by side quests early on in the game, but the main quests are the ones that will provide you with the best upgrades, the most experience, and more. Only when you can’t pass a main quest should you start embarking on side quests.

However, the daily quests are more important than either the mains or the sides, simply for the amount of rewards you’ll get by completing them. Complete the daily quests first whenever you log in for the first time that day. Then once those are done, switch to mains and sides.

There are many ways to upgrade your character, one of which is to upgrade your skills. You start with three skills, and then you end up with five skills after your second class upgrade. Make sure to equip all of your possible skills for the biggest possible advantages in battle.

Auto-battle in this game goes farther than it does in other games. If you have auto-mode enabled, it goes full bottling and upgrades your skills for you. If you want to take control of your skill upgrades, then switch to manual mode and pick and choose the ones you want to upgrade.

Don’t just upgrade battle skills, though. You have many peaceful and passive skills that you can upgrade that enable you to find more food and to maintain your characters and their health. Try to keep these upgraded about evenly with your battle skills, so that you can be well-rounded.

Equipment is important in this game. First, make sure that all of your equipment slots are filled early on in the game. Then, later on when you earn better equipment, equip the rarer stuff so that you can gain major stat boosts.

You can upgrade your equipment using gold, just like when you upgrade your skills, but try to save your upgraded for only your rarest and highest-ranking equipment. With the rare stuff, your stat boosts will be worth more than they will be with the common equipment.

Use smelting to get rid of your common gear that you don’t want anymore. Once you smelt, you’ll turn the gear into experience points. The rarer the gear, the more it’s worth, so later on in the game when you can get rid of rare equipment in favor of even rarer equipment, use this to your advantage.

Just like with equipment and skills, you can find companions, and then upgrade them all the same. The mechanic works the same here – use auto-mode if you want the game to upgrade them automatically, or go to manual mode if you want to control the upgrading yourself.

Diamonds are the premium currency in the game. Hit your achievements menu and if you have completed an achievement, you can collect diamond rewards. Other than that, you can see incomplete achievements, and what you have to do to complete them, so that you can set that as your goal and earn a ton of diamonds.

Be sure to participate in the limited-time events as often as possible. Even if you aren’t very good at them, all you have to do is participate in them, and you’ll at least earn some reward. As you get better and stronger in the game, your rewards will continue to increase for participating in events.

It’s always a struggle to find good teammates to go on raid battles and other quests with. So join a guild to make it easy. Be sure to join up with a very active guild, so that you always have teammates to play with. Don’t join a guild full of members who play irregularly or who don’t play at all; otherwise there’s no benefit to being in said guild.

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