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Dark Legends for iPhone: Get free platinum and more energy

Dark Legends is a new, very well done vampire action RPG and MMORPG for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. In this game, energy is required to start a mission (although once you are in the mission, it doesn’t require any extra energy to complete it). Platinum is the premium currency in the game. Both of them are extremely important to get further in the game, although energy is, obviously, the more necessary of the two. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

There are a few ways to get more platinum in the game. Unfortunately, unlike most games, leveling up will not earn you any free platinum. However, there are certain quests that you can complete that will earn you platinum. Most of them will not earn you platinum as a reward, but click the quests button and sometimes one or two will pop up offering you platinum for completing them.

Of course, the best way to get free platinum is by completing free offers that can earn you more of it. Click on the “plus” sign next to the platinum counter (upper right hand corner of the screen next to the gold) and there won’t be an option for it. However, instead, click on the menu, and then on the Store tab, and one of the buttons will be “Get free platinum!” Hit it and two buttons will pop up, both with offers that you can complete in exchange for free platinum.

To get more energy, you can either wait it out or buy it with platinum. Unfortunately, the iPhone time cheat doesn’t work in this game, so those are your two options. However, if you gain an experience level, you will get a completely free energy refill, so to get more experience points, especially if you come across a mission that you are having trouble beating, you can always go back to a mission that you have already beaten and play it again.