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Dark Summoner for iPhone and Android: How to complete the collections, raid, summon and beat the Dark Lord

In Dark Summoner, some of the best cards that can be acquired are the ones you get from engaging in raids and beating the Dark Lord. However, to get the Dark Lord to come out of hiding you need a summoning crystal. To get the summoning crystal you need to complete one of the many rainbow collections. Even once you complete it, the Dark Lord can seem to be nearly impossible to beat. So how do you beat the Dark Lord and do everything that you need to in order to summon one? Read on!

First up, you need a summoning crystal. You need to get all of the collection pieces in order to get one of these. To get collection pieces, go and play an area of missions. Each set of two areas contains all of the pieces for one collection so keep doing the missions until you finish one collection.

Next, trade your collection in for a summoning crystal. After you do this, go to the menu and go to ‘raids’. Scroll down the list of dark lords and you will see that one of the dark lords will now be open for you to conduct a raid on. Don’t raid them yet though!

First, make sure that you have plenty of allies. If you do not, stop what you are doing and go start inviting allies, as well as answering any ally invitations that you have left over. Don’t bother attacking the dark lord til you have at least ten allies because without the ally bonuses added to your attack power, it will take FOREVER to beat them.

Next make sure that you have your energy maxed out. Your energy should also be equal to or more than the number of experience points you need in order to gain a level because each attack on the dark lord earns you 10 experience points, while costing you ten energy.

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Now if all of the above are completed, go to the Raid screen and attack the dark lord. If you win, you will get him as a card. You have two hours to beat a dark lord.

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