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Dark Summoner for iPhone and Android: How to get more Soul Points, Ally Points and Honor Points

Dark Summoner is a popular browser styled card Rpg for the iPhone and, more recently, for the Android. Fans of the game on both operating systems are always looking for ways to get more ally points, soul points and honor points. Ally points are used to summon new monsters and add them to your deck of cards. Soul points are used to summon premium cards, as well as to buy items that you can normally only win in the game. Honor points are used to show the rank of players in the Dark Summoner world. The player with the most honor points is number one. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

Getting more ally points is a fairly easy matter. To get more ally points you need to have as many allies as possible. You get a new batch of ally points dail, but how many of them you get depends on how many allies you have. To find more allies, go to the ally screen, then go to the ally invite screen and add the entire list of potential allies. Then, go to the next page and do the same thing. Try to mostly add people who have played within the last 24 hours because chances are better that they play more frequently. Also you can find ally codes in the app store reviews for this game. Add them, too.

To get more soul points, the only known method right now is to buy them through the app store. You can do this by going to the store in the game, and then going to where it says ‘get more soul points’ and then click it. There will be a number of soul point packages offered that you can buy.

To get more honor points, win as many battles as you can. If you can either load up on battle points so that you can fight more battles, or win with less battle points used per fight so that you can fight more battles, all the better. Each battle that you win gives 10 honor points.

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