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Darts of Fury – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Darts of Fury is a competitive dart-throwing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to match up against other players and beat them in dart-throwing competitions to see who can knock out the blocks the fastest without overshooting their goal. You can earn coins and diamonds and continue leveling up your darts to deal with higher and higher-difficulty PvP modes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Darts of Fury!

The main game that you play here is Tower ’01, which means that you try to score either 101, 201, 301, etc. points, depending on how high of a tier you are in. That means that exact point total, with no additional points, or else you’ll waste the turn and have nothing. Go for the exact point total you need; nothing more, nothing less.

The best way to do this is to treat it like a golf game. Knock off a lot of points early by aiming at 19 or 20 (or 17 or 18), and then when you drop the points down to a manageable level, aim at the flashing area on the dart board, which is the exact point total that you need in order to finish the round. If you’re a really good aimer, aim at the multiplier areas to drop your points down even faster, or at the bullseye area.

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As you work your way up the levels, you’ll unlock the ability to buy better darts. The darts will be faster coming out of your hand, they will be more accurate, and if they are thinner darts, then you will be able to shoot more darts into closed spaces without having to worry about them bashing into each other and throwing off your shot.

If you want to earn a ton of free gems, complete the achievements. For the ones that have not been completed yet, you can go to the achievements menu and see the requirements needed in order to unlock them. If you have unlocked them, you can then go to the achievements menu and collect your diamond rewards for the ones that you have unlocked.

If you want to unlock super-premium darts faster than your contemporaries at similar levels, then you can spend gems for the privilege to do so. It’s not about what darts you have, though; it’s about mastering what motion you have to do in order to make a good throw. The motion changes a little bit each time that you buy new darts, but not enough to really throw you off.