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Dashy Crashy – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dashy Crashy is a new endless traffic-racing game for the iOS and Android platforms made by Dumpling Design, a team consisting of former Sega and Rare developers. Your goal in this game is to go as far as you can, avoiding cars, trucks, and all kinds of insane obstacles as you try to avoid getting into spectacular, fiery crashes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dashy Crashy!

You have multiple tiers of car that you can purchase in this game, either C, B, or A, and you can also earn them with specific scores. If you get over 100 points, you will get a C score. Over 500 points and you will earn a B score. Over 1,000 points in one single round, and you will earn an A-grade score. All of the cars will generally have the same performance.

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You can swipe to move lanes, swipe up to go faster or swipe down to go slower, but there are also some tricks you can do that might not be obvious at first. If you tap on the screen during a drive, you can honk your horn. If you tap on the screen while you are in the car select screen, you can change the color of the paint on your car.

Watc hout for specific obstacles that show up. The worst of them are when speeding cars come up in a lane behind you, such as ambulances and cop cars. They will mow down multiple cars, throwing them into your path, so you have to be extremely quick to dodge them. Also, big pile ups will pop up on the freeway, so you will have to move quickly in order to get around them.

Generally, swiping up is the best way to go because your score will increase rapidly, without too much of a difficulty level penalty; however, slow down when you come across one of the above listed obstacles (especially the speeding car knocking other cars into your path).

You generally have to watch an ad after every 5 plays in order to continue going. However, if you purchase any one of the cars as an IAP, no matter which car it is, you will earn ad-free mode for life.