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DDtank (iOS/Android) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

DDtank Mobile is a new iOS and Android game by Proficient City, the latest installment in the series of wildly popular browser games. You battle against enemies that are computer controlled, as well as against other players, and your goal is to use all manner of different weapons and blow the hell out of each other. Read on for some tips and tricks for the mobile version of DDtank!

You use stamina in a battle with everything that you do – both movements and equipping power ups. Make as few movements as possible, only enough to avoid getting the ground blown out from under you, and if you really need to move somewhere, launch yourself somewhere. Use as many power ups as your stamina will allow you to use per turn.

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In general, it’s better to aim higher than you need to. It’s preferable to aiming lower than you need to, which often leads to hitting a berm in front of you rather than hitting the enemy. And once the aiming meter goes away, remember what the enemy coordinates are, as well as the degrees and the level of force, so that you can fire that way once again.

Fashions will give you stat boosts, as will equipment and new weapons. If you need to upgrade, then battle more in single player or multiplayer modes. Be sure to complete quests and to collect rewards that you earn for completing quests, as well as for good stuff like login bonuses. Hit the quests menu any time that you run out of stuff to do; it’s a good place to get a start on figuring out what to do or where to go next.

As you earn synthesizer stones, go to the blacksmith and use them to enhance your weapons and equipment. Different stones will add different stats, and you can even take fashion items and use synthesizer stones to add stat boosts to them. Use charms in addition to synth stones for an even bigger effect.

In fact, if you don’t care too much about the fashion aspect of the game, generally it’s best to load up all of the fashion slots and then start synthesizing your fashion accessories. You’ll want to change weapons as you earn new ones, but fashions all have the same stat set, making it absolutely pointless to change them.