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Dead Island: Survivors – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dead Island: Survivors is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms based off of the Dead Island series for consoles. This mobile adaptation of the popular series is a tower-defense game with a twist, where you play as the hero and fight zombies in an action-RPG type of battle, all while the defense towers and other defensive units do their best to ward off the zombies as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dead Island: Survivors!

Your main goal in this game is to rescue more survivors. To rescue survivors, tap on the zombie horde on the map that has a survivor icon above its head. Do this, and then hit the Attack! button, and the battle will begin. Then once you win the battle, the survivor will be rescued. Walk along the path between the entrances and the gate to your base, fight zombies, and as your health drains, retreat and let your energy restore.

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When you’re placing your guns, your first target areas should be the ones where as many zombies as possible walk along the path. Some areas have splits in the road, while some areas have convergences in the road where multiple paths come together. Target the convergences to take out the most zombies that you can, especially with splash damage turrets.

Before a battle begins, when you are managing your base, you can boost your traps. This takes an hour at a time to complete, but the boost is permanent, so you can wait for an hour to do it again, or you can gem it out if you have to. Engage in as many boost upgrades as you can if you are having trouble completing a tough level.

Hit the shop as often as you can. Not only can you find some hero and trap cards in here for some upgrades, but you can get a list of new items once every few hours or so. Hit the shop frequently so that you can see when new items come out, or you can pick up a new card for when you need some upgrades. Most items cause cash, but the rarest items can cost gems.

As you unlock more islands, you will unlock more heroes all the same, but you won’t find them in the collection immediately. Instead, you have to either earn it from chests, or go to the store to see if it’s available yet. You can find free chests occasionally in stores, or you can earn them by winning more battles against zombie hordes.