Dead Trigger 2: How to get more money and free gold coins

Dead Trigger 2 is a new zombie shooting game that has been compared to an XBox 360 or PS4 game as far as the quality of the graphics. There is a huge batch of new levels and level types, as well as a storyline – things that were not present in the original Dead Trigger. Money is the main type of currency in the game, while gold coins are the premium currency. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

You get money in each level that you play, but you don’t get the objective completion reward if you don’t win. If you have a hard time beating the medium and hard stages, stick to the easy stages, and if you have a hard time beating the hard stages, stick to the medium stages. Higher difficulties pay more objective money but only if you win.

You can pick up money from the zombie drops whenever you kill a zombie. Go to a stage where zombies spawn endlessly, such as a supply drop stage or a stage where you have to complete a specific set of tasks in order. Go find a zombie spawn point, stand in front of it and kill zombies for as long as you want. As a bonus, knock off their heads, arms or legs for extra money, and use the melee weapon for extra money. Mini bosses will drop far more money than other zombies will.

Upgrade your tech guy to increase the amount of objective completion income that you earn per beaten stage. Also, look for the piggy banks hidden somewhere in each stage. Their locations will differ each time, but the cash bonus is nice.

You can trade in your gold coins for money at any time, as long as you have the gold coins to trade in. You can trade 1 gold for 300 cash if you need some quick extra income.

To get free gold coins, go to the in app purchase store and find the two buttons at the bottom. One of them will allow you to watch advertisement videos in exchange for free gold coins. The other will allow you to complete offers on the Tapjoy offer wall to earn free gold coins. Plus, if you do the offer to register for Tapjoy, you’ll unlock a secret offer wall full of free offers that involve downloading and running other apps. All of these will earn you free gold in Dead Trigger 2.

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