Dead Trigger 2: Top 10 Tips, Cheats and Tricks

Dead Trigger 2 is a good example of the type of game that could give the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS a rough time, because the level of graphics and gaming experience here are on par with the best that the traditional console and handheld makers have to offer. This first-person zombie shooter starts off rather easy, but gets tougher as you go on. Read on for the top ten tips and cheats to help you get through Dead Trigger 2!

10) Sick of wasting your ammunition? Go into the options menu and turn the fire control to “Manual with Firesight”.
Doing this will allow you to only shoot when you want to shoot. While this might make the game a bit tougher to handle at first, you’ll rarely run out of ammo in the middle of the round again, because there will be so little ammo wasted.

9) Load up on the painkillers before you enter a tough level.
Painkillers can often mean the entire difference between winning and losing. Not only does each painkiller restore a portion of your health, but they also stop time for one or two seconds at a time. Plus, if you take painkillers even before you take any damage, your health will be restored no matter what it’s at, so it’s theoretically possible to take so many painkillers that your health raises to over 1,000.

8) Upgrade your guns as soon as possible.
Your guns are your lifeblood in this game. If your guns aren’t upgraded, then you’re going to find it nearly impossible to beat any hard stages whatsoever, unless you use an insane amount of painkillers and boom chickens to make up for how much health you’re losing. And that will eventually suck away every bit of money that you earn from each stage.

7) Engage in some money farming to earn more money for your upgrades.
Farming for money is easy. Just go to any stage where you don’t have a time limit, but you have to run around and complete specific tasks, such as the supply drop stages; or go to the seek and destroy stages, where you have to destroy loudspeakers. Find one of the zombie spawn points, and stand next to it, killing zombies for an indefinite amount of time. Do this on easy mode, since the zombies will have less health but will still drop the same amount of money as on the normal and hard modes.

6) Participate in the zombie killing events as much as possible to earn bigger rewards at the end.
This game will feature various global events where a set number of zombies have to be killed in order to end the event, and more of these events will keep coming until the developers stop adding levels to the game. The more zombies that you kill in the event stages, the better the prizes will be.

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