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Deadwalk: The Last War – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Deadwalk: The Last War is a reworked and rereleased version of a previous mobile MMORPG, called “The Last War”. Deadwalk: The Last War has been reworked into a game that is more fun and more fair compared to the previous release of the game, and judging by the popularity since it was released, it appears to be working. You play in a post apocalyptic zombie world, and your goal is to fight your way to the top while raiding other players, as well as exploring all around the outside world, practicing your offense and defense, and collecting food, water, metal, fuel and money. Read on for some tips and tricks for Deadwalk: The Last War!

As you upgrade your base, you have all kinds of new goodies that you can access, as well as new troops. Be sure to keep an eye on which troops do best at dealing with which rival troops. Light troops are strong against heavy troops, heavy troops are strong against medium troops, and medium troops are strong against light troops. Scout an enemy before you battle them to figure out which blend to take into battle. More importantly, though, win the numbers game and take as many troops as possible into any battle.

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Getting raided constantly can be frustrating, and it has gotten worse due to the developer merging servers; however, it is not entirely a lost cause. Look for players who have abandoned since the merger, and raid the crap out of their bases. Their bases will still produce resources endlessly (at least until the next merger) so raid them for easy resource gains. The abandoned ones are easy to spot because they never have troops but they always have resources.

Put your resources on layaway until you need them. Aside from building up the storage, wait to cash out your food, water, metal, fuel or money items until you need the resources, and wait to collect your quest earnings for the same reason (as much as you can at least, since the experience points will be needed in order to unlock more buildings). Also, spend them as fast as you can earn them, whenever possible. And don’t invade resource tiles until you need the resources that you can steal.

Champions can be improved in a number of ways, but the main way to do so is leveling them up. Your champion gains experience after each battle, and then when he or she earns enough experience, they gain a level. When they gain levels they will gain talent points, which can be put toward stat boost, and when you use a skill book on a champion, they will learn a skill. A skill point limit can be increased by leveling up.

Be sure to engage in single player explorations even if you don’t feel like you need them. If at any point you are ever stuck in the game, go to the single player zombie battles to earn more resources and prizes. Even fighting in old levels that you have already beaten is a good way to earn champion experience, as well as resources and bonuses.