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Deck Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Deck Heroes is a new card-battling RPG by for the iOS and Android platforms. This one plays like a cross between Wartune and Hearthstone, with your goal being to build up a big deck of powerful cards, and attack them, while collecting gems and questing through areas such as Selene’ndal and battling against other players in the PvP mode. Read on for some tips and tricks for Deck Heroes!

Want to get as many rare cards as possible? While the obvious solution is to spend gems and coupons on the rare card packs, don’t forget to spend coins on the 1-2 star creature card packs as well. They are relatively cheap, and when you buy a pack of 5 or more, your chance of earning a three-star card go up exponentially. The one and two star cards are best used as enhancement fodder.

Save your enhancements for the 3-star cards at minimum, and then do it smartly. Rather than spending all of your enhancements on one card, enhance multiple cards evenly, in order to level them up faster (higher levels means more sacrificed cards needed to gain levels) and power them up.

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Add as many friends as possible so that you can send energy back and forth with them. You can have a maximum amount of friends that is equal to your current experience level times two, and sending or receiving energy is a fast way to complete daily quests. Go to the friends menu, go to “add friend” and send out all of the add requests that you can. Then refresh and send more. Repeat as needed.

Pair your hero cards with creature cards of the same faction to gain a statistical advantage. However, make sure that you have the rarest and most powerful cards in your party as a matter of first priority. Element advantage isn’t going to matter too much if your party is filled with a bunch of weak cards.

As you gain experience levels you’ll unlock a whole host of other goodies, such as evolution, and the ability to enhance your hero and not just your creatures. To gain levels quickly, go to any previous area that you have already beaten and hit ‘explore’ five times per day. You’ll spend a lot of energy this way, but you will also gain levels extremely quickly. Explore refreshes for free after 24 hours.