Deer Hunter Reloaded: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Deer Hunter Reloaded is a new hunting game by Glu Games that has become a massive hit on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is exactly what it sounds like – a hunting simulation where you, as the hunter, get to hunt all kinds of animals, from deer to caribou to bears and jaguars, using hunting weapons that mimic real life weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, and handguns. As far as first-person shooting games go, it does a better job of simulating the unsteadiness of firing a weapon than any other, which adds a significant challenge that is not present in other FPS games. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Deer Hunter Reloaded!

To begin play, hit the start button to begin playing. Or, the other icons on the initial menu take you to other game options. The gear icon takes you to the options menu, where you can adjust sound volume and notifications. The icon that looks like a bear face silhouette allows you to see how many challenges you have completed involving each type of animal in the game. The list icon shows you who the top hunters are. The trophy icon allows you to see how many trophies you have racked up, and the icon that looks like a green up arrow allows you to upload your game data to iCloud, so that you can save it and load it to other devices that you own. The credits button shows you who the entire programming team behind Deer Hunter Reloaded is, and More Games lets you find more games by Glu Games Inc. Now then, press start to begin.

First, you are taken to the shop, where you have the options to buy guns, clothing, items, gold at the bank, or change your hunter’s appearance. Under the guns menu, you can see all available weapons, as well as what you already own (you can equip one gun each in slot 1 or slot 2, which are the two weapons you can use in a hunt). If you already own a gun on the menu, you can also upgrade it by tapping on the triangle button. Some guns and upgrades cost you hunter cash, which is the game’s primary currency. Others cost you gold, which is the premium currency.

Items are all bought with gold, and include such goodies as mating calls, hollow point bullets (which kill animals more quickly) and power ups to steady your aim. You can also purchase sports drinks, which give you extra time, and silencers for your gun to stop animals from running away after they have been shot, as well as infinite battery life for your X-Ray vision, which normally has a limited battery life that refills with every round you play.

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