Deer Hunter Reloaded for iPhone: How to get free Gold and Energy

Deer Hunter Reloaded is an addicting hunting game by Glu Games. It’s a surprisingly realistic hunting simulator in which you hunt deer, caribou, black and brown bears, jaguars and numerous other interesting creatures. You get to use various kinds of rifles, shotguns and even handguns, as well as take on different challenges using scopes and x-ray vision and other stuff. In this game, gold is the premium currency, which allows you to buy the best upgrades for your weapons, the best weapons in general, and a bunch of other goodies. Energy is, of course, required in order to complete most missions (well, at least those other than the stampede). Read on to find out how to get more of both without paying a single dime.

There are many ways to get more gold in Deer Hunter Reloaded. The first and most obvious is to gain levels. When you gain levels, you’ll automatically get some gold. The second is to look for boxes whenever you play a stage. Once you find a big wooden box, tap it and open it, and you might find some gold inside.

The third is to complete free offers. Click on the gold when you are in the menu area, and one of the options will be to complete offers in exchange for gold. The amount of gold depends on the offer. The final way to get free gold is to play the game for five days in a row. Or, an easy way to cheat and do it is to play the game, set the iPhone ahead one day, play it again, set the iPhone time ahead one day again, and so on until you hit the fifth day bonus. All in about five minutes or less worth of work.

The way to get free energy is to cheat the time. Like the free gold bonus cheat, this plays on the fact that the time on your iPhone controls whether you have passed enough time to regain some energy. Once you run out of energy, go to your settings, then to date and time, then set the iPhone ahead by one hour and then go back to the game, and all of your energy will be filled right back up.

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