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Demi Lovato: Path to Fame – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

It costs one ticket/pass to read the main story. Each episode costs one, and after you use them all up, they’re gone for four hours. After four hours, you’ll get a full refill. If you want a full refill beforehand though, you can download Episodes: Choose Your Story and play it and you’ll earn that as a reward. So there is no need to spend gems on a refill of your passes.

There is a whole range of other side stories that you can unlock by playing through Demi Lovato: Path to Fame. They are unlocked by earning a specific amount of love, friendship or fans. These stories do not cost any tickets/passes to play, but they won’t earn you any gems, love, friendship or fans in exchange for completing them either.

Want to earn more gems? That’s a bit of a tough one. Certain answers that you give while you’re playing can earn you some free gems, but only in the main story itself, and they tend to be few and far between. Generally though, the more fans you earn, the more chances come around for earning gems. You can always replay the story again if you want free gems.

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Ever want to play the main story, or even the other ones, and go about your answers differently? In the main menu screen scroll over to the option that says to replay all of the stories, and you will be able to start them over from the beginning. Try to remember what answers you picked last time, so that you can answer them differently and see what happens.

If you really want to be a perfectionist about the whole thing, write down all of the questions and answers, and then write down what happens when you try each one of the answers for each one of the questions. While this can be extremely tedious, you can maximize your fans and your gems this way.

Outfits don’t really make much of a difference in the game. Your results per scenario and per question will be the same either way, so the only point in spending gems on outfits is if you simply just want to change the outward appearance of your character. You’ll get plenty of free dresses anyways as you progress through the game.

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