Design This Home for iPhone: How to get more Gold Coins

Design This Home is a new home building game for the iPhone where you, as the title says, design a home for a resident who is living there. App Minis LLC is the company that put this game out, and judging by the popularity of this game, it probably won’t be the last, as it’s broken into the top five free games on the app store rather quickly. While it can be slightly difficult to get by without gold coins, it certainly is possible to do so. You can choose to get by without any coins, since usually they require you to annoy people on Twitter and Facebook. Alternatively, you could simply do the following tricks.

Early on in the game, when you are doing the tutorial, there is one mission (the one where you buy a couch) where the game prompts you to pay 3 coins in order to speed up the delivery of the couch. It only takes a 5 minute wait period for the couch to arrive though, so there is no need to spend coins that early in the game on it. Simply wait the 5 minutes and take delivery, and the game will forget about the prompt and continue on with the tutorial.

When you gain a level, the game prompts you to post about it on Facebook or Twitter. If you don’t want to bug people on your feed with it, simply either post it on Facebook and Twitter, and then go back and delete your share and your tweet. Alternatively, you could simply register new accounts at both sites, with no friends or followers (or with friends who only play games), and then share every level up. Each share on Facebook and Twitter earns one coin apiece.

There is another mission where you earn 2 free gold coins for sending a photo of your house via e-mail or Facebook. Simply take a picture, choose the email option, enter your own email address, and then send it to yourself, and you will get the free coins.

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