Despicable Me: Minion Rush – How to get extremely high scores and multipliers

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a new endless runner movie-based game, where you, of course, play as the cute, gibberish-talking minions. To be more specific, you play as one single minion, and your goal is to become the minion of the month (and the year) by getting an insanely high score. To do this, you have to get high multipliers, as well. Read on for tips and tricks on how to get high scores AND high multipliers!

We’ll start with the multipliers first because they are the cornerstone of high scores. Complete the missions as quickly as possible in order to increase your base multiplier. When you fill up the multiplier bar, your “level” will go up, causing you to get a base multiplier that’s one higher.

There’s almost an endless amount of missions in the game for you to complete. Complete as many of them as possible. If you have no Facebook friends who play the game (that’s a requirement for most missions), post an “add me” request below, add people who have, or search the Apple App Store or Google Play store for people in the comments who have posted add me requests.

Crash into every minion that you come across (this is called completing a “despicable action”) and the multiplier bar at the top left corner of the screen will fill up. Once it fills up, you’ll add another number to the multiplier. In addition, when you use the Mega Minion, every single obstacle you hit will also be good for another despicable action, allowing your multiplier to completely skyrocket. Upgrade the Mega Minion to make it last longer, increasing your ability to get a huge multiplier.

Another way to permanently increase your multiplier is to unlock the Baby costume, which costs 20,000 bananas. Unlock it, and you’ll permamently increase your multiplier by 1.

All of these multiplier increasers will also increase your score massively. To multiply your potential score by 5, use a score perk (you can get them for free by putting in the Maid Minion, Hula Minion and Knight Minion as a code) before you play a stage. Grab every power up that you can, especially the fluffy unicorn mini games. Defeat the bosses. And of course, use the Minion Launcher to get a big head start in the stage.