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Destiny Knights: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Destiny Knights is a new RPG by Netmarble for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to save the world while building a collection of heroes, playing against the computer and against other players, earning rubies, scrolls, medals, and more, and unlocking the absolute most powerful team that you possibly can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Destiny Knight!

Battles mostly happen automatically, although you can control a good chunk of it as well. When in a tough battle against a boss, if you need to start using evasion tactics, tap and run around using the virtual joystick. When you need to target one specific enemy, tap on them and your heroes will attack only them until they’re dead. You can set skills to run automatically or for the battle to run at double speed, but you can still use your skills manually if you want to while the skills run automatically.

Your main method of upgrading your heroes will be done simply by fighting in battle, but you can also sacrifice other heroes, or Ragoons to level your heroes up. Once they hit their max level, they can evolve. This will involve spending multiples of equal-tier heroes as a sacrifice, but once you do, your hero will evolve and gain a star ranking. Every hero in the entire game can be evolved to a six-star ranking, so there’s no need to worry about rerolling at any point in the beginning.

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If a hero is on any team at all, including the arena team, then you won’t be able to sacrifice them to enhance or evolve one of your heroes. So if you can’t make the evolution happen, go to the team menu, check all of your teams, and remove all of your heroes from every team except your original team, or simply remove the hero that you need in order to finish the evolution.

The tutorial can take a long time to complete, but you can speed it up significantly, especially if you don’t care about the story. Just hit skip on every one of the story segments of the game and you won’t have to watch the cutscenes. The cutscenes don’t make a difference to the gameplay anyways, so you can skip them and simply move onto the gameplay portion of things.

Run through the single-player mode as quickly as you possibly can. As you make your way through, you’ll unlock all sorts of new game modes, such as the arena mode, where you can fight against other players. Plus, once you beat a world in normal mode, you’ll unlock hard mode, which is much tougher but has better rewards. From there you can unlock hell mode, and finally nightmare mode. Each successive difficulty is equally frustrating and rewarding.