Deus Ex: Human Revolution part 3: Girl gamer

I have to admit that I’m getting disappointed with this game. And bored! While the graphics, like when the first Deus Ex came out, are amazing, the options for quests are bland. You constantly have only one major quest and a few minor quests. There’s no personal conflict between quests. Repeat every place you go.

I guess the mitigating factor in the repetitive battling is supposed to be the enhancements, but frankly, I can’t find enough praxis kits to make my fighting style any different. I eventually had to just start breaking in every apartment complex looking for credit chips so I could buy them. Deus Ex: Half Security Guard, Half Street Thug, All Boring. It’s kind of depressing actually.

I remember in the first game being able to chose between joining your brother Paul and staying with your original company. I chose to join Paul. I don’t know how the game would play out if I hadn’t but I liked having those choices.

I do however like the ethical considerations of augmenting the body. The earnestness with which the hatred and disgust for the “super soldiers” is intense and believable. I like that it’s based on the obvious claim that it’s wrong to change nature as a coverup for the constant issues of class differences. Often what people call racism, sexism, augmentism is really discontent over class issues, namely the wealthy can afford augmentation which will help them during jobs and life in general, while the poor will continue to miss out on opportunities. This is an interesting conflict if I do say so myself.

So far I’ve died about six times trying to kill the same people. Stupid invisible people. While I’m all for a game that forces you to confront your limitations and creatively solve them, dieing this many times gets old fast. I’m feeling close to having to watch a part of a walkthrough because frankly, I’m obviously going about it the wrong way. Le sigh. Onward and upward!

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