Deus Ex… part deux*: Names and randoms by the girl gamer.

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So I’ve continued playing Human Revolution, and I have to admit, I keep dying. Even on the easy setting. How annoying. But something I wanted to discuss is the recurrence of a few names. I vaguely remember Tracer Tong and something Manderly (James?) from the first game. Ok, I looked it up, Joseph Manderley with UNATCO.

It’s all coming back to me now. I like how characters are returning although I haven’t played enough to figure out if the Tong from this game is the same as the one from the original. Any comments? I don’t mind if you spoil it because I just prefer to know… plus if it’s not a main quest it’s easy to miss. Other than finding brief mentions of Manderley, I don’t know if he’s coming back in this game either. Now all we need is for JD Denton to come back. That would be awesome.

I may be reaching, but I’ve noticed the similarity of the names Jensen and Denton. Lack of creativity or something else? So much goodness in these games.

So yes, I keep dying. I’ve noticed that I’ve become less concerned with being good in the game too. Like the bouncer in front of The Hive.

I killed him.

Wanted me to pay a ton of money to get in. Eh-F that.

I accidentally entered the first time through the back door and had to kill all of the security people. I ended up with a huge pile of bodies. Oops-i-daisies! Luckily that doesn’t seem to have affected Tong’s willingness to talk with me. Now I’m pretty much just running into every situation guns blazing.

I have to admit the XBox version of the game is growing on me. I figured it wouldn’t because I’m not really a fan of having to aim by myself. Hence my love for games like REO. Love the auto aim. Speaking of which, I hope in the next game Rebecca Chambers is the main character. I remember reading about the next one being a reboot or going back to the older format of survival horror. I hope so because Rebecca was so freaking bad-ass it’s not even funny. Two mansions in two nights. If that’s not guts, I don’t know what is.

And I’ve officially rambled. More on Human Revolution when I’ve played more.

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