Deus Ex… the beginning

By | 20110914

Most people don’t know that I’m a gamer. I guess I just don’t look like one what with the boobs and all. So when a game like Deus Ex comes out, I get all squealy. Unless of course it’s a zombie killing game then I really get all happy.

So I have the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution game for my Xbox 360 (I even have a Kinect. It’s pretty fun.). I was definitely hesitant about playing this game on Xbox. The first two I played on computer (did they come any other way?). I just liked the feeling of control that came with using a mouse to aim and kill, as opposed to the right analog stick,  although I have to admit I like the new hide and roll feature.

The graphics are amazing too. What’s really funny is that I remember thinking the original’s graphics were amazing. I went back and looked at some game play for the original on youtube and realized that no, they’re actually pretty pixely but since it was so much fun, I don’t remember the graphics as being so old. But no matter! Awesome is awesome.

Now, as far as gameplay for Human Revolution, other than constantly fighting to get Adam Jensen to stop screwing off and actually point the tranq dart gun at the enemies, it’s a pretty fun game. In the first one I loved listening in on other people’s conversations. I remember in one compound I had Denton hiding under a window and the guards inside were talking about me: “They say this guy can just disappear when he wants”. Yeah, I was that bad ass.

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So far none of the conversation has been about Jensen other than expressing amazement that after only six months I’m back in action. That will soon change, my pretties.

For this mission, I picked the nonlethal method of going in but I really hate that gun. Hate. Really. Maybe that was a mistake. I thought it would help to only do quieter take downs.  But the combination of lack of ammo and crappy aim is detrimental to my living for more than five minutes.

Ok, so again, to the actual game play, I’ve only completed the very first mission beyond the prologue. I almost got that woman at the end killed. Annoying much? Yes. I did save the hostages though. I’m so gangsta. I saved the game, entered the room triggering the bomb and followed the shaft to its exit to see where I had to enter to save them. After that I loaded it and just saved them. I know what you’re thinking, “Thas nOOb! u sux!” but whatever. Up yours. I don’t have the “gamer ethics” about doing everything the hard way. I don’t use codes until after I’ve beaten the game, and this is how I choose to live my life.

When I got to the last large computer room full of enemies, I died about four times. How sucky is that? Damn Jensen and his right analogue aiming system. Mission 1 completion, finally. After the heli ride back to Sarif Industries, I was walking around looking for what’s his name, the jerk on the interface, when it suddenly dawned on me that the building had a very open floor plan. I kept thinking, I’d better find some crawl spaces because I just know we’re going to have to break back in here and eh-F up some stuff.

I remember what a pain that was when in the original I had to re-break into the compound behind the Statue of Liberty. The game can go in so many directions that it’s hard to know which to follow.

So at any rate, onward and upward to mission two.

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