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Dexter: Hidden Darkness – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dexter: Hidden Darkness is a new mobile hidden object game starring everyone’s favorite benevolent serial killer from TV. Your goal here, much like Dexter’s goal in the show, is to track a killer, gather evidence that they are the ones responsible for the murders, examine the evidence, and once you are absolutely sure that you have the guilty party (it’s in the code!), then you do what Dexter does best. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dexter: Hidden Darkness!

The best way to get a sky high score on any stage that you play, and to earn stars as quickly as possible, is to play the same stage over and over. Doing this will enable you to remember where objects are, so that you can tap them without having to think about it, thus allowing you to finish the stage extremely quickly. Speed gives you a time bonus.

If you run out of energy, you can get it back free and easily by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet. Set it ahead by enough time to get it all back (an hour or two if you are empty) and then go to the game and you will be refilled. After you do that, you can set the time back to normal and still keep all of your energy so that you don’t have to have your phone at weird times to keep playing forever.

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If you don’t want to mess with the time then your best bet is to add a ton of friends who play the game on Facebook. You can find their info on fan pages for the game, Google Play or App Store review pages, and on the comments section of this article. Post your own info if you want an add, but you might want to use a secondary (gaming centered) Facebook account if you do that.

Facebook friends also allow you to add friends to the game so that you can get a hint. The more friends you have added, the more hints you can get. You also are able to earn VIP tokens; the more social actions that you accomplish in the game, the more VIP tokens you will earn.

Make use of all of the tools you have available, ESPECIALLY holding on the name of the item that you’re supposed to find. Do this and the item itself will appear in a small window, so that you can compare its appearance with the item in the picture (same thing obviously), making it easier to know what you are looking for, without having to use up a hint.