Diamond Digger Saga – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Diamond Digger Saga is the latest in the long line of Saga games for Facebook, iOS and Android. This one eschews the tile-swapping match 3 gameplay of so many other Saga games for something of a different type – gameplay where you tap pre-existing matches of three or more to make them go away, on your way to letting the water go from end to end of the level, rescuing critters and solving a seemingly neverending variety and number of puzzles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Diamond Digger Saga!

The first thing to know is that the oldest trick in the book still works on this game. You have a maximum of five lives at a time. When you play and win you don’t lose a life, but if you play a stage and either lose, time out or forfeit, you lose a life. Normally you would have to wait for them to regenerate on their own, or use gold to buy more lives.

The other alternative, though, is simply to set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by about 45 minutes per life that you want to regenerate, so if you want 5 lives, you’ll need to set it ahead by almost 4 hours. Then go to the game itself and the lives will be restored. Then if you reset the time back to normal, then go back to the game again, all of your free lives will still be there.

Otherwise, if you want to get free energy, your resource is to log the game into Facebook and send and receive stuff back and forth with your friends. Send requests to people who already play other Saga games, as they are the most likely to accept your requests. If none of your friends do, start a psuedonym account, add other fake name accounts that are related to this game, and send lives back and forth with them.

Some power ups, such as adding a rocket or five extra moves, cost gold; however, some, such as the gem bomb in the lower right corner of the screen, do not cost gold. All that it takes to activate it is to charge up the bomb icon all the way to the top, then tap it, choose a color that you want to blow up all of, and let ‘er rip!

Plan ahead and think before you make combos. Make sure that you get every piece that you need (such as the levels where your goal is to rescue the tadpoles) before you move onto the next screen because if you miss them, you won’t be able to go back and get them again unless you restart the level.

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