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Dictator: Outbreak – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dictator: Outbreak is a new totalitarian leader “simulator” for the iOS and Android. You play as the dictator of a new People’s Democratic Republic of the People, and your goal is to juggle the various factions in the country, keep them all happy and rule for as long as you can before you’re eventually deposed by one faction or the other. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dictator: Outbreak!

Generally, your best bet is to juggle the people, oligarchs and the police to the best of your ability and as much as your financial resources will allow you to. Figure out which decision will impact the right people, or will impact more than one faction at a time in a positive way, and then make that decision. The more efficiently you keep the people happy, the longer you can go, as long as you have the money.

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Of course, you can run out of money very quickly in this game. To make more money, fill up the bar of one of the three factions all the way across. A new bar will then start, the faction’s status will go into gold, and the more gold notches that you build up, the more money you will earn per turn. This is absolutely 100 percent necessary if you want to go for more than 10 turns. Just make sure that you don’t let the other factions drop down to 0, or you’ll lose the round anyways.

You can still keep the round going if you have enough money to fend off a conspiracy, though. If you pay what is required when a conspiracy appears, then you’ll restore five X’s to the faction that was conspiring, and they will be happy again. If you are making enough money from one faction or the other, you can literally fend off endless conspiracies, so make sure that the money keeps flowing in.

The pop up ads can be rather pervasive. If you want to get rid of the ads, your best bet is to flip your phone or tablet into airplane mode, or turn off both the cellular data and the WiFi. Then you will be able to play the game without having to deal with the pop up ads anymore. You’ll need to put the data back on if you want to buy Dictator: Revolt though.

You can earn rewards, consisting typically of advice received, every so often. You’ll also have time limited quests; typically these will earn you even more free advices. If you want more time to complete them, set the time backwards on your phone or tablet and then play again, again, and again until you finally complete it. Set the time forward in order to move onto the next quest early.