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Dictator – Rule the World!: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dictator – Rule the World is Playgendary’s reimagining of the Dictator series by Tigrido for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to hold onto your rule for as many turns as absolutely possible, and that’s done by keeping as many factions happy as possible. You can earn cash and diamonds, and use all kinds of techniques to either keep your factions happy or to keep them from overthrowing you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dictator – Rule the World!

One major difference between the old Dictator games and this game is that there are far more last-ditch efforts to keep your factions happy than there were in the old games. One example of this is using a video ad to add one X to a faction’s happiness count. This pops up when one of your factions drops into the red zone, typically, although it will only pop up if you have a good data connection.

Many of the questions are laid out in a surprisingly logical manner, so a careful reading of the question can help you determine which answer you should pick without having to use a hint. Read the question and try to logically guess who would benefit and who would be inconvenienced by a yes or no answer. Oftentimes, the answer to a question will seem to help one faction without hurting any of the others, so if that’s the case, pick the question that helps without hurting the others.

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Once a faction gets down to 0, you can then throw them in jail. It costs money to throw them in jail, though; if you run out of money, watching a video ad will allow you to earn more of it. When a faction gets tossed in jail, they stay there for three turns, allowing you to put more focus on the other factions. Then when they get out, their happiness will surprisingly be higher.

Not only can you earn more cash from video ads, but there are two additional ways to earn cash. Get a faction into the green zone (where they have a second row of X’s) and they’ll give you cash with every turn. The more factions are in the green zone, the more turns you’ll earn. Also, build oil rigs and they will earn you cash with every turn as well.

Free gems are a little bit tougher to earn. Complete the daily tasks, and you’ll earn free gems for each one that you complete, and then for each time you complete all of them, you earn a chest, which includes its own free gem reward. When you get a cheer message (I.E. “Generals are gathering outside your palace, cheering for you. Step out to the balcony and wave?”), accept the cheer and you’ll often get a gem reward (along with free X’s with every faction).