Skip to Content – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies is the new .io phenomenon for mobile and browsers by Miniclip, the owners of You control a tank and your goal is to last as long as possible in a battle arena against other tanks. You can gain levels, upgrade your tank’s stats and guns, and become nearly invincible as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

The first thing that you should upgrade right out of the gate is your attack power. Do this and you can destroy all of the inanimate objects a whole lot more quickly, leading to a much quicker gain in experience points and levels, therefore much higher stat boosts. It’s easy enough to avoid enemy tanks by hanging out in the middle of these objects, so you won’t need to upgrade anything else for awhile.

When you hit level 10, then 25, you will get to change the type of gun you have. At level 10 you can pick either a bigger (but slower) shot, a multi-shot in one direction, a multi-shot in another direction, or a faster shot. Your upgrade at level 25 will be a branch off of your level 10 upgrade. Multi-directional shots are best for defensive play, while larger or faster shots are better for offensive play.

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After that, though, upgrade your life and shields. The higher that these get upgraded, the more hits that you can take before being killed. Upgrade these before you try to engage in any serious battles against opposing tanks; if you don’t, you chances of getting killed will be far greater, but if your defenses are sky high, than you’ll be able to ward them off easily.

When you get damaged in battle, retreat away from other tanks and your life will come back gradually. Once you are fully healed, go back out into the battlefield and start going after other tanks again. The speed upgrade makes it much easier to run away from other tanks.

Aside from the above-mentioned upgrades, some of the other ones are not so straightforward in meaning. The one that looks like a ram increases the amount of damage that you do by ramming another tank or an inanimate object. The one that looks like two arrows circling each other will upgrade how quickly you can change directions when you’re moving.