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Dig a Way – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dig a Way is a new iOS and Android digging puzzle game that takes you through hundreds of levels and multiple level packs, some free and some paid, in order to find treasure and archaeological goodies. You play as an old explorer whose belly can absorb any fall no matter how big, and your goal is to collect as many stars and as much treasure as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dig a Way!

Always be sure to look ahead before you decide what move you are going to make next. Sometimes you have to look at it from a unique angle – the move that looks like the best move at first, typically is not the best move, especially when it comes to collecting all three of the treasures on a particular stage.

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Of the three treasures that appear on each level, two of them will typically not be worth much, while one of them will be worth quite a bit. Sometimes there will be a gold treasure chest on a stage too. Make sure to collect this one as this contains a special artifact that will be stocked in the museum under one of the many collections.

You can collect coins in each of the stages. Right now they won’t be good for all that much, just for clothes that you can buy for your character, but if you want to dress him up in something new, go for the gold over even the treasure chests. The more gold that you earn, the more outfits that you can purchase.

If you want to earn even more gold, go to the stages that you have already beaten (earned three treasures on) and play them again, this time going for the gold bricks instead of for the treasure chests. If you want to earn more stars, then go back to any stage that you haven’t gotten all three treasures on, and try to figure out how to get the treasure or treasures that you have still not collected. Don’t worry about the ones you have already earned – the only ones that matter are the ones that haven’t been collected yet.

Keep in mind all of the different available tricks and moves that can help you earn more treasure. The dash is especially useful (double tap on one side of the screen to dash). This lets you skip over a gap in the blocks and earn treasure that is hard to reach. Also, watch out for falling objects that can impede your progress.