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Digimon Heroes: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Digimon Heroes is a new card RPG for the iOS and Android. This game blends RPG and card-battling gameplay, and your goal here is to build the strongest team that you can, collect a wide range of Digimon, and battle against other players and through the many levels in the story mode of the game, earning Digimoney in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Digimon Heroes!

Fill your team with the rarest characters that you can. That should be the first priority as rarity means that the characters will be stronger right from jump, and will have greater stat increases as they gain levels, too. When organizing your team, sort your team members by rarity and stick the rarest ones into your party. After that, your priority should be making a diverse team full of various elements.

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You have two main ways of leveling your characters up. Digifusing your characters allows you to sacrifice other Digimon to power up one main one. Sacrifice one-star and two-star Digimon to power up three- or more-starred Digimon, as a general rule. The there is Digivolving, which allows you to evolve a Digimon into a new form. This requires a specific list of material Digimon, which is different depending on the one that you want to evolve.

In battle, you can target a specific Digimon by tapping it and making a target appear over it. This is useful when you want to get an elemental advantage. Tap three of the same type of card for the best result. If there is only two of the card, you can either tap a wild card for the third, or tap one or two cards and let the empty card spaces on the right side of the screen fill up. If you get the card that you want, use that. If you don’t, you can back out of your selection by using the back button.

The most powerful attack that you can do is the wild card attack, which is done by making a combo out of three wild cards. Even better than that in general, though, is that if you have other three-card combos on the screen, they will automatically clear when your combo is done. So you can make three or four combos per turn if you play your cards right.

Don’t neglect your brown cards. They might not correspond with any specific characters, but these are your healing cards. If you take damage, these are the best ones to use because they can give you back the health that you lost from previous attacks,