Diner Dash (iOS/Android) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

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Diner Dash is the brand-new free version of the famous time management simulator for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. As with the old PC versions, you play as Flo The waitress, and your job is to serve all of your customers as quickly as possible and get them out of there as satisfied as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Diner Dash!

Your goal is to complete every task as quickly as possible, and you will know when you have a task to complete by the exclamation mark that pops up next to a specific table. First, though, you will have to place the diners at the table after they enter your restaurant. Try to match the color of the customers to the color of the seats at each table as accurately as possible for the most points possible.

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You can tap before Flo even completes her current tasks if you want to set a series of events in motion. When clearing dishes from tables, though, make sure to double tap the table rather than single tap. The first tab takes the check from the customers, and the second picks up the dishes. For every other action, only one tap is required.

There are two forms of currency in the game. Dinero is the premium form of currency, and even though the main way to get more Dinero is to purchase it using real life money, you can also get more Dinero for free. Simply go to the in app purchase store and tap on the button that says “free Dinero”. You can either complete offers or watch a free advertisement video to earn more Dinero.

Once you do, spend your Dinero wisely. Spend it on something that will increase the amount of a certain product (Such as coffee) that your machines can produce at a time. Don’t spend your Dinero on energy, because even though you cannot use the time lapse cheat to restore your energy, it’s still regenerates itself quickly, and you can get free energy by logging onto Facebook from the game.

If you have any of the above machines, especially upgraded, you should be able to restore hearts to your customers by giving them stuff. Giving a customer coffee even when they don’t specifically asked for it will restore one of their hearts; same with giving them a menu if you have purchased a podium and placed it in your restaurant.

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