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Dino Factory – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dino Factory is the third game in the Factory series by Oh BiBi Socialtainment for the iOS and Android, the sequel to the in-depth Motor World Car Factory and Motor World Bike Factory. Your goal is to build a number of dinosaurs in this game, and you can bring your Facebook friends into the game as well. You can earn coins and cash, and even unlock loads of dinosaurs that can earn you progressively more money. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dino Factory!

Each dino can be sold with options from the factory, and the price can be raised and lowered on them. If the price is raised, the demand goes down, and if it’s lowered, the demand goes up and they sell quickly. Raise the prices as high as you can while still keeping the bar in the green if you are playing actively. If you are leaving the game off for awhile, place a bunch of high-priced dinos for sale for maximum profit.

Donuts are the “energy” of the game for your workers. Often, they will drop onto the floor until they get a donut. You have to feed them, and then they will keep going. But if you run out of donuts, then you have to either purchase more or wait until the time passes to get more. Have as many workers as you can so that you can build more dinosaurs and use less donuts overall. And be sure to upgrade the donut bar, which only costs coins, in order to level up your dinosaurs.

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The higher the quality score on each dino, the more that they sell for. To increase the quality score for each one, go to the Dino Dealer, and go to Research, then the Dino tab and buy the upgrades there. The factory upgrades will speed up the construction of your dinos. The shop upgrade will unlock even more options for each dinosaur to increase the overall income, and will allow more workers on each building project.

Another way to increase the quality of each dinosaur is to level your scientists up and to hire better scientists. Use what’s left of your donuts to level up each scientist before you shut the game off for the night so that the donut bar can refill during the morning. Each experience level gained increases the stats of your dino who’s built by your upgraded scientist.

If you know people who are on your Facebook page who like this kind of game, or who liked the two Motor World games, invite them to become your workers. This will save you time and money and donuts, and they will also be able to get the same benefit from having you as a Facebook friend.