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Disney Crossy Road – Cheats to load up on Coins and Pixels

Disney Crossy Road is the new Disney/Hipster Whale crossover that has rapidly shot to the top of the App Store and has displaced Kingdom Hearts Unchained as the top Disney game for mobile devices. Unlike the original Crossy Road, Disney Crossy Road actually has two types of currencies. Coins make their return to DCR, but Pixels are now the secondary form of currency – one that is rarer and more valuable, but cannot be purchased with IAPs. Read on for tips on how to get more coins and pixels in Disney Crossy Road!

The quickest way to get more coins is from the free gifts. You get free gifts with time, and each one gives you between 100 and 200 coins most of the time, with some even including up to 500 coins. Set your push notifications so that you get an alert whenever it’s available for you to collect.

If you want to speed up the earning of free gifts, then set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by the amount of cool down time left for your next free gift. Then go back to the game and collect your gift, and do it all over again. Be aware, though, that the time that you cheated off of it will be added back to the cool down time when you set the time back to normal.

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You can also watch videos for 20 coins apiece, and when you get Hamm, you unlock red coins, worth 5 coins apiece. Use these to spin the gacha, which will earn you new characters. At first, you will get a new character almost every time, but as you fill up on new characters, you will start getting repeats.

Every time that you get a repeat character, you will earn pixels. Once you earn your first pixels, a brand new pixel gacha will open up. Unlock more characters so that you have a higher chance of repeats, thereby having a higher chance of earning pixels.

In a direct way, the more coins you earn, the more pixels you earn. More coins makes for more gacha spins, and more gacha spins will earn you more pixels. So do the coin cheat to earn pixels at a rapid rate.