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Disney Crossy Road – Hidden Characters: How to unlock the developers

Disney Crossy Road contains a ton of secret characters, and one thing that has recently been added is the entire development crew, both from the Disney side of things and from the Hipster Whale side of things. They are hidden in a rather obscure corner of the game, so if you aren’t specifically looking for them it can be tough to know where to find them. Read on to find the secret developer cast in Disney Crossy Road!

To find them, first, you want to go to the settings menu. To get there, go to the main screen, hit the triangle button, and then in the menu that pops up, tap the gear button, which is the settings menu. Once you’re there, the first step is complete.

Then, go to the credits button. Tap it and at the bottom tab, there will be a button that looks like Mickey Mouse. Tap it and you will be taken to a new character select screen containing all of the developers of the game. You can then pick any one of them that you want. They will all play in a world that resembles the original Crossy Road or that resembles the Mickey and Friends level.

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The playable cast of the Hipster Whale and the Mighty Games teams consists of Matt Hall, Andy Sum, Ben Britten, Matt Ditton, Andrei Nadin, Cam Rogers, Scott Beca, Gerard Delaney, Charley Francis, Ryan Murphy, Luis Van Slageren, Ryan Keable, Scott Bartlett, Leonie Yue, Michael Iannello, Tim Best, and Giselle Rosman. Most of these characters are designed by or for the developers themselves, such as the panda for Ben Britten.

The Disney cast consists of Keith Michaelis, Travis Marshall, Winslow Caliwag, Diego Toledo, Binh Nguyen, Jessica Chen, James Holloway, Scott Humphries, Carrie Chen, Janet Day, Steph Chow, Matthew Bergeron, David Yang, Stephen Strobridge, Katrina Tough, Kirsten Erickson, Bryan White, Manny Redruello, Chris Heatherly, Aimee Scribner, Byron Howard, Laurel Long, Melody Xu, Molly Petullo, Nathan Greno, Cecile, Noah, Randy Marshall, Rich Moore, Evan Clidestine, Henry Hopkens, Kristie Blair, Greg Coleman, Alif Khalfan, Danny Wiltons, Glendon Dphrepaulezz, Roy Conli, Siobhan Stuard, Tammy Taw and Luigi Thompson. All of the characters are designed after the actual people on the Disney Team.

Scroll across the tab up top to toggle between the development team for Hipster Whale and Mighty Games, and between the Disney Team characters. Any time that you want to go back to one of these characters, go to the same hidden character select screen in the credits and choose whichever one you would like.

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