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Disney Crossy Road – Hidden Secret Character Unlocks – Pirates of the Caribbean update, page 2

Big Baby (Toy Story): This trick is confirmed to work with either Buzz Lightyear or possibly Sadness, but can potentially be unlocked using other characters. Play as Buzz Lightyear and go through the level until you see the big baby. Then hop up to it, and then once you do that, die. When you die and then come back, the Big Baby will immediately unlock.

Brazilian Helicopter Pilot (Inside Out) To unlock the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot, first, you want to unlock Sadness. Once you do, play as her and hop around the level until you see the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot sitting around the level. Once you do, hop up to the Pilot, then die. Once you die and then come back, the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot will unlock.

Cass (Big Hero 6): First, you want to unlock Hiro Hamada. Then play as Hiro and keep an eye out for Cass when you are playing. When you see Cass, hop up to him and then go somewhere else on the level and die. When you do come back, you will unlock Cass, who will then be immediately available to play.

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Jubileena (Wreck-it Ralph): First, you need to unlock Gloyd Orangeboar. Once you do, then start a stage and make it to 1500 points in 35 seconds or less. If you are successful, then when you die, you will unlock Jubileena and be able to play as her.

Adorabeezle Winterpop (Wreck-it Ralph): First, you have to have already unlocked Crumbelina. Once you unlock her, or if you already have her unlocked, play as her and go for a score of 1,500 points in 35 seconds or less. Once you score that point total in that time frame, then you will unlock Adorabeezle Winterpop the next time that you die.

That is all of the hidden figurines that have been added to the game for this update. There so far has been about one new update per month for Disney Crossy Road, so keep on the lookout for a late August update the next time around.

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