Disney Crossy Road – Hidden Secret Character Unlocks – Pirates of the Caribbean update

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Disney Crossy Road has an absolute jackpot of secret characters, and the latest update, which is themed after Pirates of the Caribbean, adds even more of them to the fold. A total of 10 new secret characters have been added to the game. Read on to find out how to unlock all of the hidden figurines from the Pirates update in Disney Crossy Road!

Pintel (Pirates of the Caribbean): To unlock Pintel, you have to complete the Heroes of the Caribbean set. It’s unknown who this includes, but best guesses include Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan, and possibly Jack Sparrow. Once you complete this set, they will unlock immediately.

Ragetti (Pirates of the Caribbean): To unlock Ragetti , you have to complete the Cursed at Sea set. This set is known to include Will Turner, Bootstrap Bill Turner, Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow. Once you complete this set, Ragetti will unlock immediately.

Prison Dog (Pirates of the Caribbean): To unlock Prison Dog, play as Pintel and hop through the ship until you see the dog. Run up to it, then die somewhere else on the stage. Once you die, the Prison Dog will be unlocked and ready to use.

Stray Cat (Pirates of the Caribbean): To unlock Stray Cat, play as Jack Sparrow and jump through the ship until you come upon a treasure chest. If you are playing with the sound on, you’ll hear a meow. Hop up to the chest and you’ll unlock the cat. Die and it will become available to play.

Tiny (Pirates of the Caribbean): To unlock Tiny, play as one of the other Pirates of the Caribbean characters and hop throughout the ship until you find Tiny. Once you come across Tiny, then die, and once you go back to the menu, Tiny will end up being unlocked for you immediately.

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